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Water Damage Restoration

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We are there to serve the inhabitants and businesses of the city and help them out when they face Water Damage. We proceed to water Restoration and flood clean up. Drying and Dehumidifying Flooded Areas is our expertise and we use top-of-the-art equipment to achieve spectacular results.

For residents and business owners it would be hard to carry out Flood Damage Restoration if they only have limited means like mops, buckets and sponges. We, as Water Extraction professionals, possess the equipment required to handle the jobs, no matter howWater Damage Restoration much water has flooded the premises. Flood Damage Restoration can seem impossible at first glance because the water infiltrates the tiniest crack and anything made of fabric or foam imbibes an incredible amount of it. It can seem daunting at first glance and near impossible to extract all that water. While it might not be easy to do, it is possible to save more things than one might think.

It happens that people have their washing machines in the basement sometimes. If that is the case and that the machine malfunctions and leaks, a lot of water can escape and damage the owner’s belongings. For your Flooded Basement, call upon us, Water Damage Restoration, and we will come to the rescue of as much of your belongings as is possible. We will proceed to water removal but also to drying and Dehumidifying Flooded Areas.

Powerful machines such as blowers, professional grade dryers and fans comprise some of the major equipments that we use to get rid of the water and the excess moisture. Dehumidifiers are also invaluable to extract a maximum amount of water. They contain large containers that gather all the extracted moisture that condenses and needs to be emptied when full.

Fire Damage Restoration

Another service that we offer and that is largely unknown to many people is Fire Damage Restoration. Fire can be quite brutal with belongings, destroying everything it comes in contact with. When a house or a room has been damaged by fire, it often looks sooty and cracks may appear on the walls and ceilings. If something like that has happened to you on your premises, 

Whether it is for a flood clean up, for water removal when appliances failed or for repairs after fire damage, we can sort it all out for you. No job is too big or too small for us at Water Damage Removal. We value each customer and invest time and expertise in each job. People now know who to call in case of floods, fire damage or water restoration.

call upon us for advice and repair. The right equipment and expertise can work wonders; remember we are only a call away and we can be contacted at any time, on any day.

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