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Here are easy to understand answers for the most frequently asked questions on carpet cleaning.

If you have questions related to carpet cleaning and are seeking good answers, take a look at the following ones. Get answers to frequently asked questions regarding stain removal solutions and ways to deal with carpet water damage and similar problems. They are easy to read and will be very helpful

Did you stain your sofa? Find out how to clean it fast! Coherent answers for carpet cleaning.

Can I combine carpets with handmade rugs?

You can do amazing combinations with wall-to-wall carpets and oriental rugs. You can create a beautiful corner in front of the desk of your office or fireplace but experts remind you to place fire protection. You can protect the carpet in the kitchen with bamboo made rugs. You can even put Persian rugs on the wall or on tables. The choices are not limited and it would depend on your imagination and taste.

Which rugs get better over time?

It would be all handmade oriental rugs. If you treat them properly protecting their fibers and colors and you follow the right rug cleaning methods, Persian rugs will stay with your family for many generations. They are made with natural threads and colors and that's why their value is great. Natural products well-maintained will not only look more sophisticated over time but they will worth double. You need to remember to keep them out of the sun.

Are all carpet cleaning agents the same?

Carpet cleaning agents and solutions are made form a wide assortment of materials. Hence, this means that most of the off-the-shelf cleaning agents have high pH levels, which according to our technicians can have a negative effect on your carpet. Remember that if the carpet cleaning solution you buy is very strong, it could take out the rug's color, and it could also leave a residue, which may result to being soiled again. Make sure you fully rinse out any excess spot cleaner that you apply on the rug.

How often carpet cleaning must take place?

The frequency is usually related to foot trafficking, the existence of children and pets, and extent of stains. Average families would need our professional carpet cleaning services twice a year according to the experts of our company. Regular cleaning of carpets with vacuuming must take place at least twice a week.

Will cleaner carpets benefit my home's resale value?

In the present state of the economy, not only are clean carpets beneficial to those residing in a home, they may also be an investment toward a better deal when the need to sell the house arises. Real estate brokers tend to offer better deals if the house has clean and useable carpeting that they can carry over to future owners.

Is it easy to remove carpet mold?

No, carpet mold removal is not easy. Mold spores feed on bacteria and dirt hiding among fibers and so they multiple and expand very fast. Use some vinegar to control their expansion. As our experts say, mold should be removed carefully and thoroughly. Don't attempt to remove mold without wearing gloves and a face mask. Get the right products for effective mold damage cleanup and repair.

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