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Carpets attract dust from the moment you put them on the floor and the vacuum cleaner can hardly remove the dirt and bacteria accumulated among piles. Bad odors, stains and mildew are dangerous elements for your health and the environment of your office or home but our firm has the means to penetrate among fibers removing the dirt and microorganisms and has the means to restore possible water damage.

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Moisture is really dangerous for carpets since it can destroy the fibers, colors and condition of rugs. Our crews are experienced and trained for mold inspection and have the knowledge to detect problems at the beginning and certainly the equipment and expertise to treat these issues effectively. We are highly cognizant of the newest methods and adapt our techniques accordingly but also in respect to the needs of each carpet. We follow effective methods for mold damage cleanup and repair and have the means to remove odors and stains.

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Our company Carpet Cleaning Thousand Oaks works with the best professionals in the country and they all have long, significant experience with carpet cleaning services, great knowledge of the particular treatments for each rug and expertise. Speed is of essence, especially if you are dealing with flooded areas and urgent problems but we try to offer same day office and house carpet cleaning to every customer. You can be sure of the quality of our products as well as their effectiveness since we use green detergents, which can protect the natural as well as your private environment.

We know the Sensitivity of Rugs and the Characteristics of Different Textiles

Carpet Cleaning Thousand Oaks, CAWe are the best in sofa cleaning and can guarantee miracles with your upholstery and rugs because we respect their textures and use the right products and methods. We can be an excellent advisor and the most loyal ally when you need clean homes and offices. Carpet maintenance has secrets and is a complicated process which requires full attention and experience but you can trust our expertise for good cleaning and successful restoration.

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