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Carpet maintenance should be done regularly. Find below some simple and easy related tips. Learn the little secret of how to remove crayon stains from carpets, how to vacuum them better and the best cleaning solutions.

Right use of cleaning solutions

Our carpet cleaning company warns all carpet owners about using too much shampoo or cleaning solutions for cleaning your carpet. Doing so will cause the residue to stick to your carpet and damage its fibers further. When cleaning a carpet with such a product, be sure to use the right amount of shampoo or solution. Remember that using too much of it will just give you more trouble and damage the carpet in the long run.

Removing crayon from your carpet

When we give our children crayons to play with, we can expect them to color over our carpet. To remove these kinds of stains, press a blotter down towards the crayon stain with a warm iron. This will cause the crayon to be absorbed through the blotter. Be sure to move the blotter around to prevent over-saturation. Later apply some dry-cleaning fluid, give the carpet some time to dry, then vacuum over it gently.

The crisscross pattern

Doing crisscross patterns, as you move your vacuum cleaner around, helps pull out more dust and dirt from the carpets. We recommend doing these crisscross patterns on portions of the carpet that receive a lot of traffic, for example the part near the door.

Check for odors

If your carpet looks spotless, but you have not done carpet cleaning in a while, check for odors. Although a carpet may look clean, mold could have built up and cause odors that come from the carpet. Mold removal and odor removal should do the trick for a thoroughly clean carpet.

Consider using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter

This type of filter is designed to retain dust and pollen particles inside the vacuum cleaner. In this way, they do not get pumped back into the air to find their way to the carpets, rugs and upholstery once again. This is essential for keeping the indoor environment safe especially if there are people with allergy and/or asthma symptoms in your household.

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