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Understanding the Bonnet Method

08/05/2014 Back To Blog

The Bonnet method is dry cleaning to nonprofessionals although you use water during the process. An adaptation of hard floor spray buffing to carpets, Bonnet shampooing is relatively simple for residential carpet cleaning company to do. The technique for carpet preservation consists of utilizing a rotary brush moving back and forth or brush block used to employ damp or dry pads.

Capabilities and Concerns

Understanding the Bonnet MethodA carpet cleaning company will spray the carpet or rug with Eco friendly products, or the pads will be soaked in the cleaning fluid. The cleaning professional will lightly squeeze the pad prior to placing it underneath the driving brush. However, some agencies claim that employing the Bonnet methodology has limited ability for soil extraction. It also, some believe, will leave the cleaning agents trapped inside of the rug or carpet without leaving it any way for worthwhile extraction. Supposedly, this action results in accelerated re-soiling which oftentimes occurs. An additional concern is the spinning bonnet itself. It could warp the fibers of carpet and wool and leave unsightly swirl marks behind when the cleaning process is completed.

In theory, one can use carbonated water in order to provide additional soil suspension. This will in turn decrease the pH balance in the cleaning fluid. Disreputable companies will at times employ somewhat underhanded campaigns in order to induce trusting consumers that steam cleaning will obliterate the rug or carpet.

Hard dirt particles, combined with grit and other substances, embed themselves into the fibers of your carpet. These particles of dirt bring about abrasions to the sides of fibers as well as to the tips, which cause the carpet to appear dull and dated over a short period of time. A big percentage of the soil found in rugs and carpets falls into the category of dry particulate that is removable and easily picked up by vacuuming.

Opt for professional stain removal when deciding on the various types cleaning methods available to you prior to deciding the best course of action to clean your rug or carpet. Our professionals can be of help.

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