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Is Tile Cleaning The Worst Chore?

08/25/2016 Back To Blog

If you grew up doing chores you’ll have some appreciation for the different difficulty levels that can come with the tasks that need doing around the house.

If you’ve ever attempted the task of cleaning the bathroom or floor tiles with nothing but your hands, strength, determination and some tile solution, you’ll have a much better appreciation for how easy everything else is in comparison.

Here we want to have a little rant and rave about the impossible mission that is tile stain removal by hand, why no faint hearted man or woman should ever attempt it, and why calling a pro to do it for you is one of life's most satisfying options. 

Back Breaking Labor

If the tiles are up on a wall, your arms will be up, waxing on and off for hours. If the tiles are on the floor, you’ll be bent over on your hands and knees for hours. And if the tiles are on the ceiling, forget it. Nothing is more nauseating than having to balance on a ladder, while trying to scrub hard stains out of ceiling surfaces.

When you are attempting to clean areas in hard positions, you should always be very aware of your safety at all times. Avoid trying to balance in dangerous positions, and take frequent breaks away from the fumes of powerful solutions.

The Stains in the Grout are not Funny

You can attempt to save yourself time and strain by using a broom, mop or alternative cleaner on a stick. But unfortunately, in most cases, this won't get the job done right. Whether cleaning ceramic tiles or basic ones, grout stains are hardcore, and only have a chance of being budged if you can apply enough force to really work them out. Which often means only hand to hand combat will do.

The Result will Disappoint you

It's common for all the hours of elbow grease you put into the job to reward you with a less than inspiring slight improvement. Tile cleaning professionals will make grout stain removal seem like child's play. Once tried, most will never attempt this deadly feat ever again. Not when they can hire someone to do it for them faster, better and while maintaining a far lower blood pressure.

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Is Tile Cleaning The Worst Chore?